The Time Is Now: Why You Need To Urgently Reengineer Your Conversations With Your Customer

Prasad Ramakrishnan, Chief Information Officer, Freshworks | Monday, 22 April 2019, 07:16 IST

The Time Is Now:  Why You Need To Urgently Reengineer Your Conversations With Your CustomerWith over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology sector, Prasad drives the implementation and management of our internal business systems, business intelligence, and analytics, and global IT infrastructure to scale Freshworks.

We are in the age of instant gratifi­cation with multiple social media channels around us. Click a but­ton, you just liked a picture. Tap enter, you have broadcasted your thoughts to the world. Customer expectations have changed drastically, and the user inter­face (UI) that customers have now come to expect, is one that enables them to interact with any system without feel­ing the pain of interaction.

As a result, customer support is now more than just resolving queries quickly. It is about providing an overall positive, hassle-free experience for the customer.

For example, when a customer is unhappy, he expects the process of raising a complaint to be simple. Imagine that you have a broken mobile phone, and in the process of raising a complaint, you are asked to fill 20 different fields before being able to submit your form. You are going to say that it is not worth the effort, and that you’d rather buy a new one or get it fixed offline.

The situation is no different when it comes to interact­ing with business software. Today, while most companies have efficient communication channels, they’re not entirely hassle-free. For instance, when you reach out with a query, most companies expect you to fill out a multi-page form. Often, these points don’t necessarily relate to the problem in question, but are broader pieces of information that are used to compile metrics and analyze user behaviour. The company ultimately solves the customer’s issue but there are many other things attached to it in the process, and this might affect the overall customer experience.

This is where the industry now needs to pause, and try to tweak existing processes to improve customer experience.

The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI), for in­stance, has enabled companies to filter through the ‘noise’ and collect background information about the user with­out troubling him for it. Freshworks, for instance, has made use of AI to see that a customer isn’t asked to pro­vide his information or context about his problem more than once. Freshworks’ AI engine Freddy, automati­cally fetches contextual information about any customer, enabling the customer support agents to provide solu­tions more efficiently without bombarding the customer with multiple questions.

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