iSquare Data Systems (P)Ltd (iSquareSys): Enabling Organizations to Efficiently Transition to Odoo

CIO Vendor Tough business landscapes demand organizations' leaders to implement initiatives and projects that will enable them to address the various challenges, enhance business performance and seize opportunities as and when they are identified. ERP is one such solution which despite being one of the oldest business segments has not only managed to stay in pace with technology but also continues to successfully drive businesses by enabling the management to gain greater control over the organization. However, a prominent challenge which surfaces whenever organizations choose to shift to new business applications or as a matter of fact bring in any new initiative or program is the reluctance from its employees to accept this change.

Chennai headquartered iSquareSys responds to the challenges associated with transitioning to new business applications by hosting discussions with business users and explaining them every aspect of the solution while also bringing forth management support for successful implementations. A provider of information system and managed services, iSquareSys, brings in expertise in helping businesses deploy, improve and maintain stable and secure technology solutions along with an experience of over 7 years in implementing Odoo ERP systems. An association with iSquareSys is likely to endow businesses with increased productivity, achieved through improved strategy, quality, efficiency and cost reduction.

Taking us through the firm's approach to Odoo implementation, Ravi Sankar,CEO at iSquareSys explains,"Each project at iSquareSys commences with understanding the basic requirements. This step is followed by processes of documentation of each of the requirements which are later signed by the client. This step avoids all chances of future miscommunication. Right after that, a project plan is prepared and submitted which takes into account the time and cost of the
implementation. The solutions are then developed and customised as per the client’s requirements. This is preceded by the testing and quality control process, after which the demo version for the client is developed either onsite or online. Users are also facilitated with testing environments to gain hands-on experience. Once the clients approve the solution, the solution is made live. Post deployment, a 30 days free support is extended to the clients. There is also the scope to make further changes after the solution is live. Users are trained module wise and are provided with user manual and technical manual to follow.” After successfully completing the project, the team at iSquareSys prepares the customer satisfaction report which enables the firm to continuously improve their skills and strategy.

iSquareSys, brings in expertise in helping businesses deploy, improve and maintain stable and secure technology solutions along with an experience of over 7 years in implementing Odoo ERP systems

iSquaresys boasts of an impressive clientele in the verticals of trading, construction, energy, manufacturing, food industries, retail, transport, telecom, education, pharmaceutical, automobile, e-commerce along with third-party integrators and mobile app developers spread across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nigeria, Singapore, Canada. Apart from Odoo, the firm is also a trusted partner for Symantec, Redhat, Intel Security, Digium, Intel software, Zoho CRM and Stackup. In one instance, iSquaresys successfully implemented smart card solutions using NFC technology with ERP integration. Currently, iSquaresys has directed its efforts to facilitate a major client in Nigeria to implement ERP Telecom retail business that covers all of the client’s retail partners and resellers, enabling them to access the systems.