PPTS: Ensuring a Seamless Transition to Robust Odoo Platform

CIO Vendor The rise in implementation of Odoo has overtaken the traditional conventional ERP systems owing to it being open source with increased functionality. SMBs and large-scale enterprises alike are beginning to leverage the power of Odoo with the promise of being cost-effective, user-friendly and keeping up with upcoming market trends. However, organizations and vendors face difficulties in assuring a seamless transition as most organizations inter-departmental functions/operations are not clearly defined. Also, post-implementation scenario is not clear as most users are inexperienced and lack the necessary knowledge. Carving a niche space for themselves in this domain, Coimbatore headquartered PPTS extends their services with a team of qualified professionals that study the entire organization, define the processes for all departments and then subsequently implement the Odoo solution. In addition to this, the team offers strong and unconditional post-implementation support across a broad spectrum of industry verticals.

In the market since 2001, the team with their accumulated domain expertise have structured a way of implementing Odoo for the broad range of users whether it is migration for legacy system users, first-time system users and so on. This is achieved through the required training and manual that facilitates a smooth transition. An Official Odoo partner in India and Canada and in the process of establishing an Official Odoo Partnership in USA and Europe, PPTS have attained the ability to foresee difficulties and provide pre-emptive solutions. The company has worked with some of the renowned organizations over the years with a proven track record of successfully implementing Odoo for a well-known company that has 27 locations with more than 800 employees.
With a strong customer-centric approach, PPTS proffers a powerful CRM Module along with a few related modules that act as a catalyst in boosting the business’s marketing process. Utilizing actionable data for better decision making, these modules can be used by enterprises for promotions and to reach out to the target audience. Key personnel can review the performance and schedule the next activities while staying connected to the customers. Furthermore, PPTS has developed a Nurturing Campaign Module which is solely aimed at Business Promotions, Campaign, and Lead Management. This module serves as a tool for the Sales Teams to multi-fold their Marketing activities and subsequently the results.

PPTS extends their services with a team of qualified professionals that study the entire organization,definethe processes for all departments and then subsequently implement the Odoo solution

Additionally, with the implementation of GST in India, Industries who were using ERP and accounting system are directed towards upgrading their applications to support this change. Perfectly understanding this requirement, PPTS believes Odoo has got an easy way to configure GST and offers accounting software with detailed reports, electronic invoicing and automated follow-ups thereby putting an end to recording transactions manually.

Perfectly poised to cater to and exceed customer expectations, PPTS implements Odoo for new companies every two months which in turn is increasing two folds. While continuing to serve SMBs, the company envisions targeting and increasing their role in large-scale Odoo deployments for a wide range of enterprises.