S&V: Enabling Organizations to Retain their Business Uniqueness

CIO Vendor In the path towards digital transformation, it only makes sense for businesses to pay for the functions they need and develop associated capabilities. This is one of the prime reasons why businesses are drawn to open source ERP business suites such as Odoo which are modular and gives businesses the flexibility and power of choice to only install modules that they need. This modularity allows System Implementers to enhance and create new functionalities and provide solutions to almost all business needs. It also allows the businesses to customize the solution around their needs easily.

However, any ERP implementation irrespective of the product is bound to bring in challenges. Prashanth Prahalad, Director at S&V Center of Excellence, Partner, and Odoo System Implementer cites, “Keeping the unique identity of businesses intact while ensuring a minimum level of customization is a major challenge during implementations”. Resistance to change and data quality are amongst the other issues that have to be addressed.

“We understand that every business has a unique DNA which has got them to a certain level and hence we identify and retain the key processes. We create a business blueprint that is shared with clients. This enables them to see their business in a clear and concise manner thereby allowing us to tweak or re-engineer the non-critical processes for efficiency,” shares Prashanth Prahalad, providing an insight into the firm’s ERP implementation strategy. Bengaluru based S&V cater to the verticals of manufacturing, healthcare, education, trading and Non-profits Organizations while also bringing in extensive experience serving both enterprises and SMB’s in India and MENA region. Interestingly, 80 percent of S&V’s clients are references which speak to their capability to deliver.

S&V believes Executive buy-in is pivotal in the process of change management. As such, the firm clearly identifies the key Executives/Champions and explains what is in it for them. There after all communication is channelized through these
executives to the entire organization. Detailed reports on organization data and workarounds for achieving the scale of data quality necessary further makes the adoption of the platform easy and fast and enables clients to successfully achieve their set goals.

The firm brings in ample exposure to Odoo from version 6 to version 11 and is accordingly equipped with the clear understanding of the outcome from addition or modification to the core functions of the platform

The firm brings in ample exposure to Odoo from version 6 to version 11 and is accordingly equipped with the clear understanding of the outcome from addition or modification to the core functions of the platform. Consequently, as partners of Odoo, one rule that S&V strictly adheres to is to never tamper with the base code irrespective of the degree of customisations. This results in clients being benefitted with easy and seamless transitions to newer versions of Odoo.The support services at S&V are delivered through their Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC). Based on the criticality,issues are classified and addressed through service level agreements wherein the experienced team of professionals jumps into the scene, ensuring proper communication and fixing issues. Functional testing and training play an important role in S&V where all the key stakeholders are brought together in discussions and are trained on the flow. This not only helps the firm iron various expectations and issues around communication but also usher transparency into the partnership.

S&V is currently working in developing new modules for running a Rehab centre which is a completely new Business process. The solution will help paramedics solely focus on treating patients and improve their outcomes. Other innovations include implementations that help clients track their Projects throughout their life-cycle and also manage resources and budgets effectively.