Ascensive Technologies: Subject Matter Experts on Enterprise Application Implementation and Customization

Anurag Nayar, Co-founder

To successfully compete in the market while maintaining decent return on investment, businesses are obligated to manage their resources and overall operations in an efficient way. Market analysis suggests that organizations across sectors, including public and private offices have inclined towards state of the art enterprise management solutions. This has escalated the popularity and acceptance of cutting edge solutions in the market. These solutions are dominating for their much sought after utilities like efficient utilization of existing resources, better internal management and control, and unprecedented reach to the end customers.

These solutions have provided the benefits of automation, efficiency, control and access, however, affordability has been one of the major concerns for businesses in opting from among the state of the art enterprise management solutions. As businesses differ in their scale of operations, bulky solutions do not always fit their needs, which call for the need of enterprise level customizations which can fully justify the IT investment. Catering to these concerns is Noida based Ascensive Technologies, which has vast experience in providing Enterprise Management Solutions, and is now offering Odoo software suite for enterprise level applications.
Odoo’s Enterprise Suite helps businesses ease the complexity and optimize their operations at an affordable IT cost. The solution holds a wide array of features at one-stop in the form of modules. Each of the module’s back-end is integrated with other modules, which helps data flow seamlessly from one application to another, providing well automated system.

"We provide solutions through customizations and integrations in a way that meets the requirements of businesses without tampering the core engine designed by Odoo"

Ascensive Technologies with its team of expert senior consultants follows consultative approach with its customers. The team which has complete technical know how and vast experience, understands the business requirements and suggests the modules fit for the purpose in the long run. “We provide solutions through customizations and integrations in a way that meets the requirements of businesses without tampering the core engine designed by Odoo,” says Anurag Nayar, Co-founder of the company.

Talking about the expertise of company’s business consultants, Anurag further says, “We have senior business consultants who are field experts in sales, marketing, finance, accounting and manufacturing with 10-20 years of experience. And because of our subject matter experts, people choose us over other solution providers. With our technical team we have fulfilled all kinds of customization needs of our customers.”

Dedicated Support System for Customers
The company offers a dedicated support system to its customers. Dedicated to provide enhanced customer satisfaction, it instantly addresses to any ticket as soon as it is generated. The company signs SLA with its customers and maintains complete transparency in dealing with the issues as long as the project is in support phase. Gearing up to further expansion, the company is all set to make its mark overseas with three huge projects in pipeline for United Kingdom clients.